Monday, 16 August 2010

Hopper Pt 2

Here's a few more photos of the Hopper being stripped. 

Scrape away some of the very thick grime to find the bike is much older than I was expecting.

Bottom bracket is nice and free running. The cotter on this crank came out easily, but was very seized on the drive side. Nothing a bit of liberal WD40 and mallet application won't solve though.

Here's the cranks after a bit of WD40 and a wire brush. Nice and shiny and ready to go back onto the bike when the time comes.

A sticker on the seatpost proudly tells me the frame is made from Pheonix 101 cycle tube. It'll be a shame to lose this sticker and the Elswick logo, I like them. If I can I'll try to mask over them and keep them as part of the new paint.

The mucky pedals cleaned up reasonably well whereas the grips are more 'cream' than white.
Some shots to show the chunky lugwork.
And finally the bare frame on its own.

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