Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Police, Action, Denton Roundabout!

Denton roundabout is the official Guinness World record holding roundabout for the greatest number of red light jumps by all forms of motorised traffic within a 24 hour period. Unfortunately the exact figure is unknown because they stopped counting shortly after 1 billion RLJ's when one of the counting team threw himself off the motorway bridge after going mad listening to 24hrs worth of beeping, tyre screeching, engine revving and swearing.

Sadly those record breaking days may infact be numbered for Denton roundabout. 

As everyone knows, when it gets to the end of each month, a small panic spreads across the nation's police forces as the bobbies realise they are miles off reaching this months quota because they've spent the first 3 weeks of the month filing in the forms about the 4th week of last month.

It appears that our boys (and girls) in blue have finally realised that catching RLJ cars, vans & lorries on Denton Roundabout would be like shooting fish in a barrel. A small barrel. With not much water in it. With double Uzis and extended mags.

So they hatched their plan and parked their van. And they happily snapped away all afternoon. Except I bet they didn't. Because the van is big. And bright yellow. With flashing lights on top.  So nobody was jumping the lights!. Yay!, finally. 

But.....Who's betting the conclusion went something like this "we didn't catch anyone jumping the lights, no point in doing that again!..."

Monday, 22 August 2011

Fancy cycle parking for cool hip peeps


This is an underground car park on Spring St in Manchester. Nice isnt it?. Let's ignore the fact that you have to lift your bike a significant height above your head and hook it on. Then the metal loops mean only a cable lock is really useable. Aaannnd you are doing all this whilst stood in on the entrance exit ramp. Bad shoulder?, bad back?, bit old?, not tall enough? prefer a better lock?, heavy bike?. Tough park somewhere else you loser!, this cycle parking is for cool peeps.


Merc has got a good spot tho....

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Plymouth Grove crash

(Not a nice post, but sadly this is the result of certain driving styles...)

Sirens and unusual tailbacks are never a good sign.

This is Plymouth Grove yesterday evening, which fortunately for the occupants is where the emergency ambulance depot is located, meaning a response time of about 10 seconds.

Unfortunately for the occupants of the black Citreon it looks as if the boy racer Focus was overtaking on the wrong side of a traffic island straight into oncoming traffic.

....crashes like this are obviously common place enough for the Police to have a special unit for the job.

Gruesome'ish bit - highlight to read:
Beady eyed viewers, or people who've seen too many crashes will notice the distinctive way the Focus windscreen is shattered. That only happens when the driver is not wearing a seatbelt and slides headfirst up and over the airbag. Suprisingly survivable though, but not always.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Downhill Danger

A sign showing it's age in Llandudno. Quaint? - that the most dangerous thing about cycling back when this sign was put up was the awful performance of your rod or drum brakes....