Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Go for a spin in the park?

Crap photo I know, but his lights were too bright. This is the view that met me last night in the pouring rain on the segregated cycle path alongside Whitworth park. Yes I did say segregated, as in totally seperate from the road. And yet this buffoon has managed to drive his car up and across the pavement somewhere, into the park then down the cycle path. Where he's gotten completely stuck and had to start reversing slowly back the way he came.

This is what the path looks like in the daylight and is roughly the spot where he was when I came across him. There are now new iron railings all along the left hand side.

Reg is MX06 WHG


  1. what the hell??? How on earth??? Flipping heck!!! Shall I go on?? No, I thought no ;) agree with Ian... priceless... idiot... ahhhh the human species ;)