Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Plymouth Grove crash

(Not a nice post, but sadly this is the result of certain driving styles...)

Sirens and unusual tailbacks are never a good sign.

This is Plymouth Grove yesterday evening, which fortunately for the occupants is where the emergency ambulance depot is located, meaning a response time of about 10 seconds.

Unfortunately for the occupants of the black Citreon it looks as if the boy racer Focus was overtaking on the wrong side of a traffic island straight into oncoming traffic.

....crashes like this are obviously common place enough for the Police to have a special unit for the job.

Gruesome'ish bit - highlight to read:
Beady eyed viewers, or people who've seen too many crashes will notice the distinctive way the Focus windscreen is shattered. That only happens when the driver is not wearing a seatbelt and slides headfirst up and over the airbag. Suprisingly survivable though, but not always.

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  1. Grim. This is my route into town, and when it's busy cycling across to the bike lane makes me nervous.