Friday, 7 October 2011

Rubber Brompton

I love Bromptons. They are probably the most versatile bike money could buy. It’s a unique bike. Quite unusual and different to other options out there but they really should come with a special warning label. 
Something like:
‘Dear valued customer, this bike will gratuitously accentuate how silly you look in those rubber knickers....please for the love of God wear your normal everyday clothing when enjoying a Brompton’.


  1. Hey that was me trying out for the Brommie Appreciation From A Distance Society. How the very dare you!

  2. A good point well put.
    Maybe all rubber knickers should come with a warning or a mirror.

    Have you seen Team Clonc's video...
    Proof that you dont need special clothing to look sily on a Brompton.
    At least they were having fun :)

    I find their Benny Hill style BMXing video more amusing:

    Cheers, Jonathan.