Sunday 18 March 2012

A look back at Manchester's cycle infrastructure of 2011

...Yep. There it is. Manchester's finest achievement in cycle infrastructure of 2010/11. The invention of the cycle patch.

The basis for the cycle patch is that they could be installed at 8m intervals (in reality double that*) without having to apply for the TRO (Traffic Regulation Order) that would be required for a normal (shitty) cycle lane.

In other words - they are the lowest of the low.

A token piece of cheap shit that can be put there with the least bother to themselves.

Box ticked. Move along.

They even come in a dashing urban camouflage green. Which quickly chameleons itself into road dirt grey and thus vanishes from sight.

As if they were even particulary visible in the first place.

The saying goes 'Buy cheap, buy twice'.

Well this cheap shit has worn away quicker than a taxi drivers patience.

*or not at all in Hyde Rd's case.


  1. Hyde Road?

    Isn't that where the local LibDems campaigned for the removal of the cycle lanes...

  2. Have just followed your link Mike. Some of the comments (apart from the common sense ones near the end) are laughable...even more laughable that people think like that.

  3. The Hyde Rd cycle lanes affair has been quite a fun one. The area that caused all the upset is where Hyde Rd passes under the fallowfield loop. It has never been and never will be wide enough for 2 lanes of traffic each way (always been a bottleneck). Plus there is a bus stop at the thinnest point. But the new cycle lane gave all the drivers something to focus on and blame.

    In the post I was referring to the lack of cycle patches on Hyde rd. They were part of the proposals, but were never painted. I guess they spent the money for them on the yellow signs (the ones to try and appease the confused drivers) - which have now been removed, thankfully.

    (The photo is of Ashton Old Rd btw)

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