Saturday, 2 April 2011

Money pit

Ever wondered just how big the tanks must be beneath a petrol station?...No me neither, but on my way home this last week or so I've seen the petrol station at my local Sainsbury's dug up - presumably to replace the tanks. I'm guessing they have a rated lifecycle and these ones have reached it. They have built a temporary station in the car park whilst this goes on, which doesn't affect parking in any way - because the car park is about 5 times the size it needs to be.

Oh and the title isn't a cynical joke (unusual for me) - this literally IS a money pit. These four tanks will have a capacity well into the high tens of thousands of Litres. Jungle juice is currently £1.30+ per litre. Thats alot of money.

If they've not already fitted and covered the new ones up by the time I go past again I'll take another photo and update the post.

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