Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Through the eye of the needle: Pinch points for experts

Hart Rd, in Fallowfield is one option for avoiding the chaotic horror show that is Wilmslow Rd in the Afternoon. However, quieter residential routes such as these just don’t provide the technical challenge to test your speed, balance & perception skills in the same way as double parked cars or doors flying open or Magicbus drivers attempting to do 30mph in a traffic jam. Helpfully the council tackled this issue head on as part of their traffic calming measures on Hart Rd. In a true test of any cyclists skill you can feel the adrenaline rush that’s been missing from your relaxing route home by attempting to thread the ‘Eye of the Needle’ using the cycle lane provided through the build-out.

10 points per build out ‘threaded’
20 points per build out ‘threaded’ with your eyes closed
40 points per build out ‘threaded’ with your eyes closed & doing a no-handies
80 points per build out ‘threaded’ with your eyes closed, no handies, no pedalies whilst patting your head and rubbing your tummy simultaneously

5 point bonus per build out ‘threaded whilst screaming ‘Weeeeeeeeee’

1 comment:

  1. This is a very successfull traffic calming device! There are no speeding cyclists to be seen. It works! :-P

    Seriously, is this supposed to slow down drivers? To me this seems like the "smoothing traffic flow" people were tasked to "calm traffic". This is their take on it. The bulb does not slow down cars, but blocks the cycle lane. They're using cyclists in the pinch point to slow down the motorists, not the bulb. I'm sure this passed the safety audits as well.