Monday, 26 July 2010

Fallowfield Loop

On Saturday, me, her and my brother went on a gentle ride along the river Tame to Reddish Vale then across to the Fallowfield Loop to see what’s what.

I’ve never been to the Fallowfield loop and wasn’t disappointed. Just like the section of section of old railway line that runs through Hyde, it felt like a bicycle commuters dreamland. Straight open flat and smooth with not a single R*nge R*ver in sight. What a shame that it doesn’t go directly into the City Centre, although I sure it must be amazing for anyone who does commute in the particular direction that the loop follows.

Unfortunately I forgot my camera!, so I have no photos to upload. Here's a crude map instead:

This was the Nexus’ second outing and it performed well. Our route took us over a mixture of gravel paths, smooth tarmac and a section of rough lumpiness here on Ross Lave Lane, which I took quite gently because of ‘new bike paranoia’. But it was great fun even at a slow pace.

Not really a link here, but the day ended with me buying a suspension fork off ebay to put on my old Raleigh Mountain bike. Once that’s on, we are going to visit the Marin Trail in Wales and do some slightly more adventurous offroading.

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  1. You can get to the city centre from the loop, if you head towards the Debdale end, take the left just before the reservior. Head down the path, it will lead you to the Ashton canal. Turn left and follow it to Piccadilly Station. It isn't too direct but there is no motorised traffic.

    If you like the loop, try heading to Rose Hill (Marple) Railway station, the line stops there but it used to go to Macclesfield, the bed has been converted to a foot and bike path. Dumps you out right in the centre of Macclesfield, in a Tesco car park without anywhere to lock up a bike.