Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Transporting bits of bicycle by bike

The cheapo forks I ordered for my old MTB arrived. I'd had them delivered to my designated pick up point (parents house) so I had to go pick them up. It fitted quite easily on the Trek's rack, even if it did stick out a bit.

Not so long ago I would have nipped up in the car to pick up something like this, but since I was on my way home from work I just rode the 3 miles or so further and got them. It was also a good excuse to go down the section of Hyde Road that crosses the River Tame. It's always fun when the car drivers find they can't enter 'must past the cyclist' mode because I'm going faster than them.

Heres the forks in all their 'New Old Stock' glory.The MTB is purple so they should look suitably odd when fitted.

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