Monday, 19 July 2010

First Post

Currently we've got 6 bikes in our household, 5 of them mine.

Ok I don't need 5 bikes and having that many doesnt really fit with me being such a stingy bastard, but to be honest our entire collection cost less than the price of just one of the bikes that I regulary see people riding , only for it to go back in the shed at the slightest hint of rain. So at some point over the last year or so, messing with bikes has become a hobby (note I didn't say I'm good at it). It started when I began riding my Brompton to work in early 2009 and continued with me building a fixie out of an abandoned 80's Raleigh Racing bike. I've never made much use of the fixie, infact I don't know why I made it... maybe I'll do something about that later.

Anyway I'll use this blog to try and keep a record of what Ive built and modified as well my own take on what life is like trying to use a bike for everyday boring stuff in a country that's in love with the car.

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