Sunday, 26 June 2011

Brompton on a motorbike

I was passed on the M60 a few days ago by this motorbiker with a Brompton bungeed to the back of his motorbike. Looked like it fitted there quite comfortably.


  1. In 1991 I went on my pushbike to pick up my Yamaha 600 from White City Motorcycles after a service.

    My pushbike, a 1982 12 gear Falcon tourer, was bungee clipped to the back seat and rack for the 5 mile journey home to Urmston.

    As the pushbike stuck out about a yard on either side I had to remember to wait in traffic queues with the cars.

    Apart from that it was a normal journey, and one I repeated quite a few times until I stopped motorcycling and got a car.

  2. You know, for a second I read "Brompton on a Motorway" and thought you crazily took the motorway with yours ;P Does it show that it's Friday?!

  3. You take quick pic of "Brompton on a motorbike".Look very fast riding...

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