Friday, 10 June 2011

Canal ride to Buxworth

A few weeks back we went on a ride up the Peak Forest Canal up to Buxworth. Just with the aim of heading up there and back on a sunny day.

Starting off on the River Tame path to get to the Canal at Apethorn Lane in Gee Cross.

There is a big set off steep steps just before the weir which has a nice channel scored out by countless bikes that have been pushed up and down here. All choosing to do this rather than ride up and around the NCN route that uses some residential roads on a big detour.

Coming out of the Woodley Tunnel. This is a very long and almost pitch black in the middle tunnel underneath the main road in Woodley. It's a bit disconcerting in the darkest parts of this tunnel, because the black painted handrail vanishes from sight entirely and you feel like you will fall in the water at the next step.

This is Marple Locks, a flight of 16 locks which a obviously a very popular spot on a nice day. These locks are alot of fun to ride back down at pace and we'll have to visit again on a quieter day to race down them properly (bloody hooligans!)

My experience of canals has always been of the run down industrial and fairly unused Manchester canals, so it was a bit of a suprise to see so many boats running up and down as well as row upon row of moored boats.
Mummy duck has been busy.
When you reach the Bugsworth basin you ride along what used to be the tram track beds and come across this nice 3D map before reaching the Navigation Inn pub.

Another group arrived whilst we were having a pint, one bloke riding this extremely nice Indian built Hero bicycle.

On the way back I got chance to photo this nice little egg shaped tunnel which is part of the Marple lock flight.

Sharp eyed viewers will notice some cunning vandalism has been done to the information board next to Marple Viaduct.

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