Sunday, 19 June 2011

Longsight bicycle storage depot....

....or as it's formally known - Longsight Police station.

This is round the back of the building through the railings of the car park compound. Streetview shows a second pile that used to be there as well.

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Presumably these are all confiscated bikes of some sort of another. Most of them have yellow labels tied to the handlebars. Probably illustrates why its best to take extra care of your bike in Longsight, or it might end up in in this compound via the exploits of someone else ;-)


  1. I assumed all stolen bikes ended up in the canal. Do you know if the police auction these off??

  2. No idea. They auction most stuff off I think, so these probably are too unless an owner turns up.

  3. Yopu could try this:

    I haven't so no guarantee.

  4. For a split second I naively thought that commuting by bike might have just been really popular with the staff, until I actually thought about it...

  5. I agree with jim, They auction most stuff off