Sunday, 30 January 2011

Canal ride home from Wheeler's Brunch

After having a great time at the Wheeler's Brunch organised by LC of NaturallyCyclingManchester I decided to ride back up the Canals to get back to Hyde. It's a bit more hard work in this direction as the locks are all uphill so it's easier to jump off and push on some of the cobbled sections especially on the 20" wheels of a Triumph Twenty.

Someone has done a bit of  work to the towpath around Dukinfield. Last week this stretch had got some very big potholes, which have now been filled with a gravel sand mix. It's better than nothing of course, but  little more than a short term fix.
A little further a tree has fallen and blocked the canal completely. Doesn't look like it will be the easiest task to remove.


  1. hey Jim! Was great meeting you yesterday :) and your ride back looks amazing! I went for a ride towards Salford Quays and Stretford today and the canal was beautiful... although at some point the path so narrow I thought I was gonna slip in the water ;)

  2. Hiya Jim - nice meeting your Triumph yesterday - Wend' was a bit taken with it...

    ...say's she wants one... hushed tones "We've got one dear - only its green"...

    ..."Ah, good point" she said.

    It's nice to be the one saying 'Noooo, not another bike' for once! Don't think I've been in that situation before ;>D

  3. @LC It's an iffy feeling at times isn't it, like most things though you get used to it after a while. Or just hop off when you're feeling too wobbly.

    @Ian - I want a purple Pashley! After seeing inside the sheds of the guy I got it from I'm certain that I don't have too many bikes yet ;-)

  4. As has long been stated elsewhere, the perfect number of bikes = n+1
    where, n = the number of bikes you currently own.

  5. Not been down there for a week or so, looks crazy