Sunday, 2 January 2011

Brooklyn Vs Denton

In an entirely uneven comparison I present you with Denton's finest piece of cycling infrastructure - Denton roundabout bridge.

It's features include:
  • A conflicting mixture of 'No Cycling' signs on one side and shared path signs on the other. 
  • It's only supposed to be used heading west, whilst heading East you must either illegally use the pedestrian crossing or take your chances with the RLJ lorries (because for some reason the equivalent cycle route was never completed and is now blocked off with fencing)
  • Many people, unsuprisingly, forego the last option and simply use the bridge in the opposite direction - which means having to use the pavement down the side of a motorway slipway for a short stretch.
  • Bizarrely in the photo below the sign warns to 'Look left', even though technically all cycles should be coming from the right. So this signs hints that the bridge is actually allowed to be used in both directions? even though that wouldn't legally be possible.
  • Best of all. This schizophrenic oddity represents the single best piece of infrastructure available to cyclists heading into Manchester on Hyde Road - which only goes to show how abysmal things really are.

Meanwhile in Brooklyn they are busy creating this:
The Taming and Reclaiming of Prospect Park West from Streetfilms on Vimeo.


  1. Arrgghh damn this netbook - I can't view the Streetfilms vid! Grrr... I'll have a look later on the PC.

    Re: Denton roundabout. Before the M60 northern section was built, there used to be a segregated lane running around the other side of the roundabout - part of it might still be visible on Google Earth.

    When the new sliproads were installed, it looks like the cheap option was taken - putting in crossings and a footpath across the centre, along with the obligatory CYCLIST DISMOUNT signs. Yep, shortchanged!

    The first picture shows just how...howww...(I'm lost for words) A properly graded footpath & half decent cycle path...both partially blocked by a barrier...a sign that clearly states that you cannot cycle on the cycle path...FFS!!!

    Jim - re: meetup we emailed about - it doesn't look like it will be a busy one, but which day is best for you next weekend? I'll reply to your email then & try to drum up some interest (if any exists!)

  2. Ah good point, I forget that the roundabout was built ready & waiting before the motorway. So the blocked off lane was useable once upon a time - I presume they spent the money for reinstating it on 'no cycling' signs, railings and pyramid paving.