Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The gas men are here

Gas works on Peter Street this week (and probably for many many weeks further) which means we get the pleasures of signs like this slapped in the middle of the cycle lane yesterday. 

Fortunately it makes almost sod all difference to the everyday experience of this cycle lane because without fail there will always-always be a white van man parked up outside the newsagents in Peter house.

Oh look!'s todays white van man. DG07 XMZ
On the flip side of things, its not just cycle lanes the gas workers have screwed up this morning. The huge jam of cars in the photo is because the temporary lights up ahead are stuck on red in all directions (do temporary lights have any other setting?). Oh well, at least on a bike it's almost impossible to be made late for work by traffic like this :-)

UPDATE: The sign has now been move forward a bit and put on the pavement. Hopefully this was done by the gas workers to correct their error and not a pissed off member of the public, but I wouldn't bet on it.


  1. Hey come on now play fair, he's left you a good seven or eight inches of lane clear there

  2. The left turn at the junction between Whitworth Street and Oxford Street has been completely closed, despite there being ample room for bikes still. Would it be so hard to to stick an "Except cyclists" sign up? I'm sure they could fabricate one out of all those completely unnecessary "Cyclists Dismount" signs contractors love to put up everywhere.