Friday, 21 January 2011

Tesco Stockport cycle trolley shed

As part of the Megasizedhellholewehaveeverthingontheplanetunderoneroof Tesco development in Stockport they were of course obliged to provide a certain amount of cycle parking. This will have been proportional in some way to the size of the development*. Which is why Tesco Stockport has got the biggest cycle parking shelter in the whole world area.

Unfortunately because of the nature of MEGA stores like this and the surrounding MEGA lane roads and MEGA roundabouts its pretty unlikely that anyone will fancy popping to the shops on their bike. Which is why this nice big shelter with its nice big sheffield stands is nothing more than an employee smoking shelter and a shopping trolley dumping spot. Shame really, because it's better than what you might find in much more deserving spots.

At least part of the development meant building this segregated two-way cycle path which leads to a section of shared pavement (sigh) and allows access to NCN62 across Tiviot Way.

If the photos look a bit weird, that's because I seem to have had the camera set to the 'what's it like to have a visual impairment mode?'.

Another supersized retail park of somesort is being built opposite this Tesco on the site above the motorway, next to the allotments. Can't wait to see it's cycle parking.

Now if every A & B road in Stockport and Greater Manchester had Dutch style continuous cycle infrastructure this sort of cycle parking might well be packed with's hoping we can find out if that's true in the future.

*naughtily built 20% larger than the planning permission if I remember correctly.Quietly forgotten about by now I would expect.


  1. Jim, I call here now & again and am trying to picture where the bike shed is. It isn't close enough to the main store entrance by the looks of things.

    And just wondering out loud in a Stockport to Denton journey "NCN62 vs M60" - do you think that Sustrans have succeeded in providing a creative, innovative and practical solution to the transport challenges affecting us all?


  2. You can see it on google maps next to Marsland St below the little roundabout. I suppose their thinking was it's best to put the parking next to the cyclepath when really it needs to be on the the doorstep with the cyclepath leading to it.

    On the NCN vs M60...I can't imagine anyone crashing down here to go to the shops. Which makes it purely a leisure thing and not a transport solution.