Wednesday, 16 February 2011

3rd wheel

Mr.C of Manchester Cycling identified my rather obvious weakness for drum brakes recently and promptly flogged me a rather well built 451 wheel with one of Sturmey's finest in the middle. I did such an excellent job of bungeeing it to the rack (If I do say so myself) that on the way home I had to double check it was still there for fear that the lack of rattling meant it had fallen off.

Later in the evening as I wheel spun my way across a sodden field in Denton (everywhere is so utterly sodden at the moment!)  I came across Fantastic Mr.Fox just sitting there doing much about nothing. So I took his picture:


  1. I hope it serves you well Jim. I'll be saying farewell to the Twenty tomorrow...

  2. @MrC - Oh no! Is the Brommie that good???

  3. Are you sure it's a Fox in 'a sodden field in Denton'?
    It looks to me like it's a black cat in an unlit coal-cellar and the cat's not there!

  4. @ian

    I'm afraid that a combination of the Brompton's quality, my space needs and budgetary constraints mean I have had to say farewell to the Twenty...