Thursday, 3 February 2011

On her Majesty's Service? ....that'll be 9.6p per mile

If you happen to be lucky enough (or unlucky) to be called up for Jury service then you'll be pleased to know that as a person travelling by bicycle her Majesty's Courts Service have arrived at a figure of 9.6p per mile as compensation for your journey to and from the court. God knows how they come up with these figures, but I suppose it was a bit of a suprise to me to even see it included. (it's not me doing Jury service by they way, it's someone else at my work).

Strangely you get the exact same mileage for a motorcycle as you do for a car, which seems odd to me as a motorbike is much cheaper to run than a car. So on that basis, why is the bicycle mileage less than a third?.


  1. Not very rewarding for a cyclists efforts is it?

    I think I'd be ticking one box & doing the other.

    "F*** 'em" and all that ;>D

  2. The standard Inland Revenue rate for cycling for business is 20p and the car allowance is 40p - so they've knocked off 8.6p a mile for car use and 10.4p for bicycle use or 21.5% off the car allowance and 52% off the bicycle allowance.

    Motorcycles only get 24p a mile for business use yet 31.4p for attending court an increase of 7.4p or a 30.8% INCREASE!

    Completely bizarre!!! Maybe whoever made up the rules rides a motorbike?

  3. I suspect that someone was paid to calculate the Inland Revenue rates. Lets call them Mr.Lefthand. And another person was paid to calulate the HMCS rates. Lets call them Mr.Righthand.

    Mr.Righthand and Mr.Lefthand have no idea what the other is doing...or that they even exist!.

  4. This allowance completely disregards the hidden costs of motoring and the benefits to wider society of increased levels of cycling.

    Were this to be considered properly, then cyclists would receive significantly higher remuneration than motorists.

    Almost needless to say, motoring is far too inexpensive because motorists aren't paying their fair share of the true costs of motoring.