Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Why bike registration is a bad idea....

......because some poor sod will end up walking out of Halfrauds with a numberplate like this on the back of his bike.

If the owner of this micra is anything to go by, then the embarassment of having a numberplate like this will be so depressing that you will take to the drink and end up with little comprehension of what colour the lights are or how they operate and have a total indecision of which lane to be in every 30 yards.

So there you have it folks. Bicycle registration would not only be waste of everyones time, but will cause drink-pedalling & depression. And my message to anyone who thinks it's a good idea....just think....when you buy your first born a shiny new bike for christmas - whats the wife going to say when her little darling exitedly rips open the wrapping paper and says 'mummy, what's CUM mean?'.

Ok, thats enough vulgarity, back to bike building in the next post!.

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