Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Exemplar facilities on Ashton Old Rd

A picture says a thousand words?...
10 points if you can guess what I did next....


  1. Used the pavement in some fashion?

  2. 10 points to Darrell. Don't spend them all at once :-)

  3. I lobbied the local Councillors (Battle, Longsden) for MCC *not* to mark these advisory lanes on Ashton Old Road, because they are worse than useless. There used to be a nice, part-segregated, quiet route called the 'Beswick Cycleway', avoiding Ashton Old Road, but it has been severed (in parts) by the 'regeneration'.

  4. What it should have is one less lane of motor traffic & a segregated lane for bikes...oh soz forgot...(standard Council excuse)"We have to cater for 'everybody'*"

    ( * = everybody but cyclists )