Tuesday, 21 September 2010


My bike doesn't have insurance, or VED (the fabled road tax) and it hasn't passed it's MOT (because it's never had one). Which is a bit like this white van man on Deansgate yesterday. Pulled over by a couple of ANPR police cars. The thing looked like a wreck and I suspect they didn't need the fancy gizmos to recognise that it would be worth their while to pull it over.

Driver and passenger were gone (driver presumably in the back of one of the police cars) when I passed again later. So it will have been confiscated and crushed with any luck.

If you look closely you might be able to see the two little black boxes just above the rear spoiler on the police car. These are the cameras for the ANPR 


  1. Aww bless.

    I'm sure there are plenty more unlicensed, tax dodging, uninsured drivers out there driving vehicles without an MOT - probably too many to catch. I wonder if the Police ever turn a blind eye to any of them?

  2. I remember reading somewhere, possibly on Crap Waltham Forest, that there are more uninsured drivers on the road than there are total cyclists on the road.