Monday, 20 September 2010

Shopping trip

Inspired by Mr.C who in turn was inspired by Urban Simplicity I thought I'd record my quick food trip. Since it's closest I went to Aldi in Hyde. Actually Morrisons is probably closer but I hate big busy supermarkets, on a week night Aldi/Lidl are nice and quiet so you can be in and out with everything you need in 20 mins without all the elbow barging.

On the way I cacked my pants when a group of 10 or so girls on their horses decided to have a full out sprint up the path that leads to Mill Lane just as I'm coming around the corner. This spot is a favourite for chavs on quads though, so I'll take the stampeding horseybirds over the 'innit' crew any day.

I managed to estimate how much would fit in the panniers and on the rack fairly well. It was mostly stuff to make packed lunchs and a few meals. The most important item being apple & plum strudel - yum.

There are at least some actual cycle racks at Aldi, unlike Lidl in Denton which seems to have nothing at all. Even here though you can see in the photo that the massive collection of trolleys get full cover from the rain, whereas the 3 cycle racks are languishing off to the side. **mini rant** - small stores like Aldi don't ever need this many trolleys!, why not have a few less and put the cycle racks under cover. Sigh. On a lighter note, if find you've forgotten a pound coin for the trolley, a 20p and a 1p on top of each eachother also works ;-)

Note the children's hoops (cereal) are not for children, they are for me. Damn good they are as well.


I should point out that my panniers are only small 25ltr front panniers. With big 40ltr ones you could easily carry more than this.


  1. What about Lidl in Ashton - are there any cycle racks at that one?

  2. No idea, probably not since it's next to Park Parade.

    - Streetview says no. Just a few barriers and railings.

  3. Sainsbury's in Hyde (maybe Denton by there actually) has enormous Sheffield stands, if that is helpful.

  4. I think you mean the Sainsbury's next to Denton roundabout. Great that they've got stands, but you underestimate my dislike of large supermarkets ;-)