Saturday, 11 September 2010

South Manchester Cycle Jumble Sale

I popped into the South Manchester Cycle Jumble sale last Saturday morning after finding out about it from a comment by LC on Manchester Cycling. It was a nice little setup and worth the visit. There was a decent range of stuff for sale, but mostly it seemed to be parts you might want if you were restoring a vintage racer of some sort. I had been hoping to find some swept back/north road handlebars, but as there weren't any I got some from Decathlon on the way back instead.

I however did buy a 700c from wheel for a tenner, which will at some point go towards converting the fixie I built back into something much less fashionable with gears, but potentially might actually get ridden for once.

Most of the bits and bobs on sale were run of the mill items I've seen before. Lots of AW hubs, drop bars, brake calipers etc, but this one bike demanded a photo to celebrate the computer worthy of Captain Dashboard. The earliest I can remember of cycle computers they looked pretty much the same as they do today, but with crappier rubber buttons and cheaper plastic casing. This thing is like a gameboy sellotaped to your bike....late 80's? I don't know. Nice to look at and photo, but I think I'll stick to my Sigma.

There was this speedy looking  tricycle parked up as well. However the need for a helmet when you are riding this thing confuses me somewhat.

All in all a nice little event to visit, especially if the bike you are building is missing those all important gold drop bar brake levers.


  1. I like the quirkiness of the set up and the random conversations you can strike with people. My bf found few parts when he was building his fixie and I had fun looking around at some cool bikes, plus some beautiful 'antique' ones even with a carbide lamp for a light!!

  2. yep, it was a good place to find parts for a project build without the bother that can come with ebay sometimes. I love the look of the old carbide lamps, think I'd better to stick to leds though.