Monday, 6 September 2010

The Windiest Commute ever!

Normally the commute is so mundane that it's simply not worth blogging about. I cycle to work, then I cycle back in the afternoon. Not much else happens, I'm always quite suprised by the sheer amount of grief some cyclist find themselves recieving on a seemingly daily basis as my commutes generally go by uneventfully with little more than the occasional idiot passing too close or a garbled shout from a car window.

...But today was THE WINDIEST DAY EVER!!!. wow, it was windy this afternoon. Not just a terrible head wind all the way up Hyde road but also a good dose of random gusts to keep you on your toes. Still it was no trouble staying in a straight line on the nexus as it's got fat enough tyres and enough mass to hold a steady line.

Strangely I think I saw more cyclists on the way home than I have ever done before on the afternoon commute. Hopefully they got home before the wind got them down too much and caused them to repent from cycling forever more.

It would have been a bit tricky to take a photo that captured myself getting blown around, so a quick google finds the following two images near the top of the list.

I think they give the right impression along with a touch of humour & classiness :-)


  1. Nice to find your blog! Via Mr C of Manchester Cycling :D

    Indeed yesterday was so windy and on my way home I cycled all the way into headwind! I kept on thinking I had a puncture ;) although heavy I was glad I was on my Pashley perfect to cope with the mad gusts of wind!

  2. Hey LC, glad you found the blog & thanks for the link!.

    I've just read about you're tumble yesterday, I hope your wrist is a bit better this morning. At least it wasn't windy yesterday, so the driver couldn't have blamed it on you swerving in the gusts!.