Monday, 13 September 2010

Burning Rubber

There was a fire at a tyre depot in Levenshulme overnight. Luckily I was taking a scenic route this morning rather than going through the Gorton area where it looked as if the smoke was blowing. The news report says the site holds 150,000 used car tyres - there's another reason we could all do with driving cars less.

A couple of Engine drivers were taking a break whilst they filled the tanks up from an outlet next to the entrance for the Fallowfield Loop.

On a sidenote, this is what happens when inconsiderate drivers dump their car at a junction so they can nip into the off licence. The bus driver had no chance of making the corner so had to reverse a couple of times to be able to squeeze through. Does make you wonder why they send such massive buses out on routes through tight residential streets though, its hardly packed with passengers is it.


  1. Yyyuck, I feel really sorry for anyone who lives downwind of that smoke.

  2. Another blog with a new paintjob - compliments from the reader :>)

  3. Thanks, I always find white text on a black bg easier on the eyes, especially with modern bright lcds. I might get round to making somekind of title image in the future as well.

    The smoke looked very nasty from a distance, I was suprised to read on the BBC article that nobody was evacuated.