Wednesday, 1 December 2010


I've got to admit when I looked at the little rubber knog lights in the past I wasn't too impressed, they were neither bright nor cheap and I just didn't see the use in them other than gimmickry. But this week I was spending £25 in Clas Ohlson and they have a christmas offer on where you get £5 off if you spend £30. So I thought I may as well see what the Clas Ohlson version of Knogs are like since they would only be costing me 99p. (£5.99 full price)

Well they are great!, really bright, simple and effective. They won't light your path on the Fallowfield Loop, but that's not what they are for. They are however, a piece of cake to strap on to the bike in all kinds of locations and just as easy to swap between bikes and that's the real beauty of them.

These ones are not the one piece rubber stuff that real knogs are, but the transparent plastic does mean the entire unit lights up and not just the led at the front, so there is a little bit of visibility to the side as well.

Pretty good for £5.99 99p.

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