Friday, 10 December 2010

Poundshop Bargains

I'm sad enough to have noticed that the poundshops in Manchester city centre (at least the two in the Arndale) seem to have this year reached a bit of a threshold. They now stock more cycling stuff than car stuff and have started to stock some pretty decent useable items too.

For instance three things I've recently bought are a puncture repair kit, a kick-stand and a set of rack straps. The repair kit comes with alot more stuff than a normal one - the metal tyre levers being the best bit, one of the kick-stands will go on the Hopper and the straps fit perfectly on the Nexus rack and look alot neater than the thick old bungees I was using before.

A tiny victory for cycling I know, but not that long ago you would have struggled to find anything to do with cycling let alone a whole range of stuff. Chose wisely though,  most of what they sell is still crap! and what they have changes all the time.

1 comment:

  1. The straps - a bargain. Got them on the Wimmins bike & they are really useful.