Saturday, 4 December 2010

The Only Winter Cycling Accessory you need...

(along with hat, gloves, scarf, coat, double socks, boots)


.....Lofthouse's Fisherman's Friend!

It's no coincidence that the Dutch spend a lot of time outdoors (some of it cycling) and they have a serious appetite for liquorice (that's liquorice 'drop' not that squidgy crap).

Your morning commute will go alot easier with a Fisherman's Friend warming your noggin.

Maybe you tried these as a kid and thought they were vile, well our tastes mature over the years and I bet you'll like them now. Try you first one when your are stood outside in the cold.


  1. Love the things Jim.

    Enjoyed the link too - where can you buy 'drop' over here? Any ideas? (Haven't tried Ikea!)

  2. I've never seen it sold over here.

    This place looks like a good start though:

    Think I might have to get one of those gift boxes and try to make myself sick!.

  3. Hey, good find Jim. Wonder if the Christmas markets would have any too? But don't make yourself honk. Yuck :>X

  4. Yes, Fisherman's friends are popular here. It's mild next to the authentic Dutch flavour of Salmiak liquorice (yummy Ammonium Chloride).

    I like a lot of Dutch stuff... but not this.