Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Last snow ride (for now)

I went for a dogwalk / bike ride on Boxing day which turned out to be the last day of snow for now, it's all melted away completely with today's rain. Since I knew I'd be getting a lift somewhere else later on I took the Brompton. It's a very capable bike in the snow, mainly because it's very easy to put a foot down whenever needed and weighs so little, but you do have to watch out for the chain tensioner freezing up and skipping occasionally.

When it comes to the roads I'm kind of glad the snow is gone now, but on the flipside the clean compacted snow made all the paths around the river Tame and the canals very rideable. Whereas now that its melted these paths will be back to the unrideable filthy, muddy, gravel mess they were before. (ok - rideable if you want to get filthy on a mountain bike, but not rideable if you're visiting friends/family/shops/work i.e. anything practical and everyday).



  1. Aww not fair is it?

    We were enjoying the crispy snow & blue skies :>)

    Is the first pic running upto Apethorn Lane?

  2. Yep, that's the tunnel under the canal.

  3. Thought so. The hound looks like it was enjoying the snow as well!