Monday, 20 December 2010

"You must be mad!"

"You must be mad!" is what a guy said to me on a side street in Denton this morning as I cycled past.

"I could say the same!" I replied, whilst he carried on scraping the ice from his car.

Was a lovely ride in this morning. My outdoor thermometer said -9.5 when I set off, but I didn't feel the need for studded tyres at any point. I find slush is usually the main enemy in this weather but the colder temp meant slush wasn't forming.

Long johns, balaclava, big thick boots, leather gloves and you're good to go.

Here's a panda video from the Fallowfield Loop, apart from a couple of dog walkers I had it all to myself.

p.s. anyone know why they are called panda-shots?, I keep reading it, but don't know where the name comes from.


  1. lovely! the quietness of the Loop is always delightful to me :D

    About the origins of "Panda portraits", answer is on this Flickr group :D

    quote: "Why are these called "pandas?" Well, ya see, there's this rad chick who goes by the name faster panda kill kill. She takes rad self-portraits while riding her bike. They are so rad, in fact, that a group was formed to record similar self-portraits cuz, really, just about anyone who has a camera and rides bikes also takes these self-portraits."

  2. I like cycling in this weather, it isn't particularly difficult and I feel more steady than I do walking. Plus it keeps me warm.

    It amuses me how so few "hardcore" sport-focussed cyclists are out in this weather though, mostly just people in jeans trying to get somewhere.

  3. Thanks LC I get it now :-D, I'll have to start pandaring more often.

    @ Mr.C - Ive got studded boots so walking isn't a problem ;-). Had the loop all to myself again on the way home, but the roads were alot more tricky than in the morning, thanks to the very fine, filthy slush left behind by the cars.

  4. most of the main roads I take are absolutely fine in the snow although I do tend to ride closer to the cars or just stubbornly make them give me more room in the lane.

    My section of canal is terrible though after the first day of snow, I find my back wheel just slides all over the place so I don't tend to take this section of route sadly. Maybe it's because my tyres are fairly narrow but they certainly aren't racing slicks but I still have probs.