Friday, 1 October 2010

Commute Buddies

Occasionally a commuting cyclist, as with other (lesser) forms of transport, might start to notice other cyclists who set off along the same route as them each day. They might begin to exchange a knowing nod or a 'mornin' as their paths cross.…..Well there’s none of that nonsense if I take the long route in the morning. Just a load of horses and rabbits. It’s not so much of a ‘knowing nod’ from the horses as it is a ‘pass me some of that lush grass I can’t reach' kind of nod. The rabbits on the other hand just scatter when they realize that idiot on a bicycle is trying (and failing) to get a photo of them again.

Dog owners will recognise this form of animal telepathy. He is focusing his mind on the human, transmitting the mental urge to tear some grass from that nice looking clump and pass it to the horsey.
One second there are at least a dozen bunnies right in front of me....the next they've scattered and all I get it this crabby photo.

A flock of migrating Canada geese stopped off for a few days as well:

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