Monday, 11 October 2010

Life's a Beach

I've just found this forgotten photograph from Scarborough (actually Filey beach). The guy seemed to be cycling the whole distance along the beach on his MTB. Not sure why he needed high-viz to do this but you never know when an angry motorist might sneak up on you and smidsy your ass.

Seeing a photo of a warm and sunny beach has made me realise just how cold and dark it has gotten over the last two weeks. Pretty soon I'll be commuting in the dark each way.


  1. The glow in the dark does seem like overkill!

    We had a day there summer before last - really nice place isn't it?

    Isn't the campsite above those cliffs?

  2. Yep, it's somewhere up over that cliff. I can enjoy anywhere that has a beach.
    I think it's something to do with being from landlocked Manchester, I'm like a dutchman in Wales :-)