Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Cycle response unit

I've finally spotted one of the Manchester cycle ambulances when I had my camera handy. Unfortunately it's not a spectular shot of the rider in action, but nevermind. This is in the city health centre in Boots. There are a few different bikes, if you believe this old press release here there are 5 bikes and 10 paramedics manning them. 


  1. I've seen them around a few times, certainly an interesting choice of frame for such a task. Maybe a touring bike or a Kona Ute would have been a better choice? At least proper mudguards

  2. At least proper mudguards

    Must admit that's the first thing I thought, considering the weather Manc' is supposedly infamous for!?

    Great to see bicycles being used for something so useful though :>)

  3. Yep, they've dropped a bollock with the lack of proper mudguards, or even just the entire choice of bike.

    Probably some kind of misguided idea that they would need front suspension. On the otherhand, sometimes when I'm clattering over collapsed tramlines and potholes I feel like I need suspension too!.