Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Do it properly....

Motorists of Britain, if you are going to block a cycle lane, at least make a proper job of it. Like this fella with his massive digger.

Brunswick Street, Manchester
If anyone from the DVLA happens to read this, you are more than welcome to use this image as an example for the textbook procedure when needing to block a cyclelane. Observe the attention to detail - the driver has aligned the inside edge of his caterpillar tracks with the inside edge of the kerb - very tricky considering his cab is 8ft in the air. You just don't get that kind of professionalism from your average cyclelane blocker - nice.


  1. it drives me bonkers when I have to step into the road because of professionals like this one! Either we have proper dedicated cycle lanes, with proper kerbs (like I saw in Paris) or we don't have cycle lanes at all... or EVEN (like if it's ever going to happen) 'they' enforce the highway code and stop these professionals working their magic! :(

  2. There isn't much to enforce when it comes to an advisory lane like this one. Not that there is any enforcement even when a mandatory lane is blocked.

    As you say, and many other cycle bloggers, the only proper option is segregation on the Dutch model. Doesn't seem likely though does it :-(