Monday, 25 October 2010

Hat Weather

Being a huge statue on top of a pretty high stone plinth is rather dangerous and frankly it's a health & safety nightmare, especially with all those cyclists racing around nearby on that cycle path over to the right there. It's also bloody cold this morning. So that's why some kind & sensible folk have done a good turn and provided King Ed with a snazzy new plastic hat. Not only is he now entirely safe from all possible dangers but it should keep the chill off his bald patch on mornings like this.


  1. That bloody cycle lane. It puzzles me that more people choose to walk in the lane than on the pavement, especially near the shops where the cycle lane constitutes a negligible amount of the total space available. It is definitely where I put my brakes through their paces the most

  2. Hehe. It has it's fair share of problems doesn't it. Yes, it's nice that a puny stretch of segregated path exists, but the surface near the shops is abysmal, you have to give way at the side street and it's tiresome to try and join when heading out of the city centre. Still, at least its not a bus lane.

  3. I think someone should knit a nice woolly scarf for King Ed.... ;) Maybe in the same white and red stripe as his new hat!

    [I am not a a big fan of that cycle path either, in all truth I start to wonder whether pedestrians are some kind of moths... in this case drawn to green paint with a white cycle symbol on it... grey tarmac is oh so boring! lol!)