Friday, 8 October 2010

Commuting for two

At least I hope two people commuted in together on it because that would be very cool :-D

Spotted yesterday on King St, Manchester

Note the two chainwheels located on the left hand side of the bike. This means their pedal threads have to be drilled opposite to the way that normal right hand side chainring cranks are drilled. i.e. you can't use those chainwheels on a normal bike (the pedals would unscrew). 

Although it's obvious I didn't know this about tandems until I was flogged a tandem chainwheel that was advertised as a normal chainwheel on ebay last week. Luckily a refund was forthcoming so I've bought a different one from Derekscycles instead, who not only have a great shop name but provide a damn good service too.


  1. I cycle past one of the owners of this bike on my way to work sometimes, although there is only the Captain left at that point. My impression is that he drops off the Rear Admiral somewhere along the way and carries on solo.