Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Frosty morning = no bikes

Normally this rack outside Tesco on Deansgate is ramjam full. Just a tiny bit of frost this morning and it's empty!, just one lone bike locked to the lamppost nearby.

My general extrapolation is:

  1. No segregated cycle paths therefore Vehicular cycling.
  2. Vehicular cycling is shit therefore specialist clothing gets worn.
  3. Specialist clothing is shit in the cold therefore frost = no bikes.
Thanks to mudguards & chainguard I was nice and warm in trousers, padded raincoat, gloves and scarf, shame these cyclists couldn't do the same. But thats why Vehicular cycling is so shit.


  1. It baffles me that Deansgate hasn't been completely closed to motor traffic. Whenever they close it for roadworks or other events life goes on, and Deansgate is a much nicer place to be.

  2. LOL was you a bit ratty yesterday morning Jim?

    You said 'shit' 3 times!

    Jus' an observation :>D

  3. Haha :-D

    No, I think it's because I've read David Hembrow's blog too much and can now think of nothing but swear words when it comes to Vehicular cycling.

    @Mr.C - They should close the entire city centre to private cars, they'd make the money back in rates alone. It's no coincidence that all the shops want to be in the pedestrianised areas.

  4. @Jim, I agree completely. Sadly most people I have suggested it to think I am mad.

    Although I usually cycle in normal clothes I do have a few pairs of cycling trousers which I use for longer distance trips (>20-30 miles). They are terrible in cold weather though, not so bad after about ten minutes, but those ten minutes are awful.

  5. Cycling specific clothes certainly have their place, I have plenty myself. Although I hardly use any of them now. I started getting the distinct feeling that cars gave me a wider bearth when in a normal jacket then when in flourescent.