Thursday, 14 October 2010

Cycle Lane closed....badly

There is a patch of roadworks on Princess St near the end of Canal St, so they have closed the cycle lane. Fair enough I suppose, since it’s left only a single lane available. The problem is the pathetic excuse for a sign, plonked along with a cone right at the point where the space tightens rapidly. Nobody is going to dismount, if they wanted to walk they would have left their bikes at home. Besides they are entitled to the road just as much as any other vehicle. The sign should be 20 yards back and say ‘ Cycle lane closed – cyclists TAKE LANE’. That way everyone is within the law, everyone gets on with it and nobody gets squashed by cars suddenly swerving left.


  1. That is terrible, why do contractors get to try and dictate terms like that? Why not a sign warning motorists of the likelihood of merging cyclists? I'm sure it is more for liability fears than anything else.

  2. It could well be about liability, but does nothing for the status of cyclists:>/

    And absolutely. A sign to the right of the main carraigeway, i.e in the line of sight of drivers, could say 'Caution - Give way to cycles merging from the left'. No rocket science involved.

  3. I had to drive down Princess street last week on my way to hospital with my wife to visit a sick relative.

    I too made the point cyclists were fully entitled to use the road and that's what I would be doing next time I cycled this route.

    Pathetic road management!