Thursday, 21 October 2010

Fallowfield Loop Barrier

At some point over the weekend a new piece of barrier has been installed here on the Fallowfield Loop (it's the brown upright section on the left). Previously it had been just a stump holding up the end of the barrier, which people would navigate around, hence the worn ground. This new section means you now have no choice but to shuffle awkwardly through the opening on the right - I prefer the other barriers either side of this one which allow you to simply cycle through slowly with little hassle, it's a shame this one (and some others) is different.

*Update for Mr.C.
Or you could follow the vandals example and bust the lock. This was a few weeks ago. Was nice while it lasted!.


  1. Maybe a bit of direct action is required here to build a ramp over the barrier. Just need a few like minded people with shovels...

  2. I remember that, only saw it once though and assumed it was for maintenance people. Positive vandalism, and interesting concept

  3. Well I’m with the vandals here. I’d like all the barriers destroyed, please. Why have a cycle route and then purposefully impend the cyclists that use it. Bizarre.
    I know it’s to stop motorcycles, but surly a gate that only cycles fit through isn’t impossible to design. Give it to a school as a project, bet they’d solve it.

  4. Yeah is a bit of a shame that it isn't a "cycle superhighway" given the fact that ex-railway lines are wide, flat and always gentle on the grades.

    Still could be worse - could have been converted into a bypass!

  5. @calvers The route was designed partly with exercising the Police horses in mind, and there is a pretty strong Police presence along the route with the bike-Rozzers and walking PCSO added to that. We could probably do away with barriers along the route altogether (have bollards at the entrance) and it would still be fine.

    The thing which pisses me off is that the East side of the route is very difficult to ride with a loaded Yuba Mundo. The "cycle route" is almost impassable on one of my bikes.

    @grimnorth I'm sure we could find some blue paint to do the conversion to a "cycle superhighway." It is nice that they didn't ruin it by opening it to motorised traffic though.

  6. @Mr C - you know in my heart it'd much prefer to be roaring along the Fallowfield loop with an internal combustion engine providing the power.

    Steel on steel of course though ;)

  7. "Bring me my bow of burning gold"

    ... or a cordless angle grinder, if preferred...