Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The upright shall inherit the earth!

You have to have your wits about you when walking in the city centre. If it’s not chuggers, surveys, leaflets or the big issue it’ll be someone else determined to release the moths from my wallet. Luckily my blank expression resembles a scowl which generally keeps them at bay. Unfortunately for a colleague of mine a ninja-like force in the fight against evil has begun to prowl the streets of Manchester in search of unsuspecting mugs who haven’t learnt the politest thing to do is to tell them to bugger off (except the big issue guys, I'm generally nice to them).

So I present to you the prophecy that ‘all Suffering’ is ‘SOON TO END!’ (as long as you become a Jehova’s witness).

The illustration is just fantastic. Not a car in sight, although no bicycles either but there is a horse. And a moose. And don’t forget all those pumpkins, apples and poppies. Poppies = opium, which could explain alot. Strangely it seems to be both autumn and summer at the same time.

The interesting bit is that although the Jehova’s seem to be a little behind  the times with the general drift of cutting edge marketing techniques, they are right on the money when it comes to cycling. Who will survive when the end comes?, why it’s going to be the upright cyclists of course!. Those wicked car drivers will be ‘cut off from the very earth’ and those who have learnt of the upright will have everlasting life (or at least an expectancy of 2 years more than average). ‘the world is passing away’ car drivers, time to give up sitting in a queue and get some fresh air.
.....Or maybe they’ve just been making too much use of those poppy seeds.

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