Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Evans cycle parking

The new sign says 'Customer Bike Parking' as if they have some nice new facility installed somewhere....

....but all I can see is the same old hand rail that's always been I missing something?


  1. What does the smallprint say?

    (not that taking the sign at face value is probably too wide of the mark lol)

  2. It says 'Bikes left at owner's risk'


  3. ahhhh! Maybe they just mean 'do come in with your bike and park it in the shop'... we should try that???!!!

  4. Maybe, but I remember being in there on a few occasions and hearing people being told they can't bring their bikes inside, so it hadn't occured to me that it could be a reverse of policy.

    A sign that said 'Please do come in and park you bike in the shop' would be so much nicer.

  5. Maybe we should all make a point of visiting in February, just as the snow starts to melt ;>D

  6. I have popped in here a few times and rather than strip my bike of panniers, lights, speedo and then lock it up I have taken it inside for a few minutes. No one in the shop, staff or customers, have ever complained or moaned. Mind you it does have its own stand so it is never leaning against anything and I have only done it when it is dry.

    Have done this in a few shops. Just yesterday I wheeled it into the Argos at Manchester Fort (no suitable place to lock it up outside) and no one seemed to mind then either.